Business Center

Administrative & Professional Services

AP offers full service assistance in the gathering of information and preparation of essential documents such as:

  • Drafting Prime Contracts
  • Drafting Subcontracts
  • Obtaining IT Services
  • Obtaining Referrals for any needed consulting
  • Perfecting your “Lien Rights”
  • Preparing Bid Packages
  • Qualifying you on a Bidder List
  • Additional Professional Services
Information Desk

AP can also help you secure many other goods and services such as:

  • Accounting Service References
  • Bonding
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Plans
  • Legal Service References
  • Lending Sources
  • Batch Formulas & Pouring Recipes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Manufacturing Consultants
  • Production Consulting
  • Raw Material Sources
  • Additional Information
Financial Clearing Center & Shopping Cart

Perform financial transactions in this forum in a secure environment managed by Architectural Peers. This feature allows you to make any size transaction knowing that AP operates this feature with all of the precautions and advantages afforded to consumers by impartial escrow agent.

Financing Sold Projects

AP is prepared to offer financing for your sold projects and other needs.

Round Table

Architectural Peers’ “Round Table” facilitates collaboration between manufacturers and helps them to decide which products to manufacture in house and which to obtain from an outside source. AP’s Round Table will also help you broker the final buy-out of products to be produced by outside manufacturers, secure the lowest price for commonly used raw materials, evaluate new manufacturing tools and equipment prior to purchase while acting as the escrow agent on the financial aspects of all transactions and much more. AP will promote industry standards for the Architectural Cast industry.

Tradeshow Services

Organizing a trade show is seemingly an overwhelming task. Even if you have organized a trade show in the past, using AP’s Event Management Services will ensure you take all of the necessary steps essential to increasing your chances of ending-up with a successful tradeshow.

As the event organizer, AP will help you choose the Tradeshow location (worldwide), venue, negotiate numerous contracts and even assist you in making travel and hotel arrangements too. AP will also organize the exhibition services, promote your event to potential vendors, and plan and implement the innumerable details that form the logistics of the event.

Bringing Together Buyers and Sellers

Since the main purpose of a trade show is to bring together buyers and sellers, the most important undertaking is identifying these audiences. AP will conduct thorough marketing research and develop a comprehensive marketing plan for you.

Our market research will begin with a database that contains information about buyers and sellers attending the tradeshow itself, with additional industry information secured via access to public records.

Sales Kit

AP will prepare your tradeshow lists that underline the needs of the participating businesses and design packages to market your event to these vendors, which could include floor space, ads in the trade show directory, pre-tradeshow marketing campaign, arrange and set-up appointments for others to meet you and even will arrange for gatherings for VIP events.

Fulfilling Your Needs

A successful trade show cannot be a fill-in-the-blanks job. The participants and visitors both will be industry insiders and as the show’s organizer, AP will prepare the show that meets your needs. A trade-show organizer isn’t a real estate person selling floor space, but a highly trained professional and marketing expert that helps facilitate a successful event aimed at bringing together the visitors and the vendors.

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