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Natural Stone and Architectural Element Manufacturers - What We Can Do For You

Architectural Peers has built an international “Circle of Commerce” for manufacturers and distributors of Natural Stone and Architectural Elements and conducts business directly with the building and construction industry. As a product supplier, AP will pay you for your products at your port of origin.


AP's Natural and Cast Stone Supplier segment features one of the world’s largest libraries of cast and natural stone products sourced from more than 100 product manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and is designed to enable professionals within the construction industry to easily procure products faster and at lower cost.

By integrating tools such as audiovisual live-streaming and scanning technology, AP’s Circle of Commerce enables the flow of information between Architects, Builders and Product Suppliers. AP’s forum avails buyers easy access, a simple selection process, and immediate product pricing at the press of a button. Using AP’s Circle of Commerce has rendered all middle layers currently used for such commerce obsolete.

At the press of a button, AP’s live streaming technology enables the selection of natural and cast stone products from anywhere in the world providing product buyers unique real time access to AP’s showroom or affiliates manufacturing and production facilities. AP's Showroom highlights its cast and natural stone products from around the world. This massive facility features cast and natural stone products and special assemblies, all easily viewed via our online live-streaming audiovisual system that brings buyers into the showroom from anywhere on the globe. The system completely eliminates the need for prospective buyers to physically travel to AP’s showroom to make purchasing decisions.

  • AP developed a website template that new affiliates can easily use while preserving and enhancing links to their existing websites. These new websites provide our affiliates with a standardized communication tool, a private library to showcase their respective goods/services and business-oriented tools such as a “request a quote” feature that helps AP customers conduct online commerce effectively.
  • Through its contractual relationship with CDC Construction, AP has access to a valuable database that will enable us to bid for products used in thousands of construction projects throughout the U.S.
  • AP's Circle of Commerce technology manages advertisements for goods and services listed within the marketplace. These advertisements will reach active buyers and sellers within the niche markets targeted by AP to sell its affiliates' products.
  • AP’s reproducible Product Design Library provides access to one of the world’s largest collections of architectural elements. Architects and builders can procure these products from AP at rock-bottom prices. In addition, architects and builders will have online access to technical product information. Purchased products can be locally reproduced, if desired.
  • AP’s fully integrated tracking technology manages transactions from product manufacture to installation. This simplifies the management of all product stages from purchase through shipment to final installation and functionality provides complete information and ensures that products will arrive on time.
  • An affiliation with AP includes a broad range of services specially designed to expose your business and products to the marketplace, and enhance your business operations. AP’s “Circle of Commerce” was designed and developed by Penfact Inc., whose scientists and engineers have, for decades, created advanced manufacturing software for clients such as General Electric, Texas Instruments and the US Department of Energy.
  • AP’s Business Center provides customers with administrative, financial and professional services that enhance the Circle of Commerce experience. This fully automated segment of AP’s marketplace guarantees that participants will be able to coordinate all aspects of commerce serviced by AP.

AP also enables payments to foreign businesses for sold goods at their ports of origin, thus overcoming the key obstacle that most such companies encounter when selling their products to the U.S. construction industry. AP’s unique forum supports participant requirements for product surplus buy outs, project takeoffs and quantifications, and fast turn-around bids. This ensures that projects can specify the best products, improving the likelihood that these products will be utilized appropriately, efficiently and within budget constraints.

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